Hayden Hudson
Use Docker in your APEX DEV

In this post, I cover the details of how I recommend incorporating docker into your DEV > TEST > PROD software lifecycle. Specifically, I recommend using docker as a pre-DEV experimental environment. This post complements my other post on the subject of how to configure and launch an Oracle Database using docker.

Start with a pristine oracle DEV environment

Step 1 : Remove the existing database configuration in the '~/docker/oracle' folder.

Step 2: Move the zipped pristine database configuration to the '~/docker' folder and unzip.

Step 3: Start the docker oracle container

Install your DEV workspace manually

Step 1 : Login to the INTERNAL workspace to install your DEV workspace.

Step 2: As necessary make sure your user has a valid password.

Deploy your code

Step 1: Check the connection params in tasks.json

Step 2: 'Run Build Task' trunk/release/_release.sql

Verify code deployment was successful

Sign into your DEV workspace and application

Perform your experimental work in a branch

Create a branch

Commit your changes and push.

Date : Apr. 25, 2018