Hayden Hudson
A PL/SQL package for handling the MailChimp API

What’s the optimal technical solution for sending do-not-reply / marketing / notification / batch emails? Is it wiser to in-house or outsource the service? What are my options if I’m considering outsourcing?

These questions are difficult and I don’t propose to answer any of them with much thoroughness. They are, however, the questions that I was asking myself as I was considering upgrading the email notification mechanics for this blog and ultimately led me to write a PL/SQL package for handling MailChimp’s API.

If, like me, you are (1) wary of maintaining an email server and (2) interested in an email solution that has easy-to-implement attractive templates and in-depth reporting, this blog post may be of interest to you. I originally wrote this post for my employer’s blog, the rest of it can be found here: Insum blog post

Date : Oct. 15, 2018