Hayden Hudson
How to programmatically login to APEX with Jmeter
Performance testing an APEX application will often require that you tackle authentication.

There may be several options available to you to handle APEX authentication (including, but not limited to, removing said authentication for your test) but, I think, the most intuitive approach is to authenticate yourself programmatically using the APEX login GUI. I have prepared this material to help you implement this approach.

Why Jmeter?

Apache Jmeter has been an industry standard for 20 years and will likely maintain its reliability for many years to come. There are many alternatives out there that may be smarter and slicker than Jmeter in some respects (see Gatling for eg) but, as far as I can tell, the innovations are modest enough that they don't demand that I switch platforms.

Youtube video
Logging into Oracle APEX with Jmeter can be tricky and requires us to gain a basic familiarity with the particular mechanics of the APEX login process. I made a video to document how to do it:


The Javascript for the Post Processor. This script is a slight adaptation of a script that Kris Rice published.

Download Apache Jmeter here.

Date : May. 23, 2019