Hayden Hudson
The skinny
I’m Hayden Hudson, a full-stack technology and business consultant, working for Insum Solutions, the largest developer of custom APEX software in North America. I have 7 years professional experience in Finance & Strategy across Insurance, Retail and Home Services. I switched to Software Development full-time in 2015 because I wanted to turn my coding into a specialty.
A litte more
I love technical writing and introducing business people to the possibilities of software. From a coding standpoint, I spend most of my time working with Oracle technologies, namely Application Express (APEX) and PL/SQL. I graduated from the University of Chicago, where I majored in Econ but also studied a lot of Math and CompSci. I’ve since acquired some Oracle technical certifications including: APEX & SQL.
When not coding, I have 2 main interests: Science Fiction and Rowing (master’s rower for Riverside).